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Sometimes it just takes a step of faith into the right community to make this happen and Fierce Strength, Relentless Grace Co. can help. 

Why your current fitness routine isn't working

If you've ever:

Struggled to stay motivated

Gained weight while exercising, instead of losing like you thought you would

Then welcome

 this place is for YOU!

Felt like you never have the time to complete a workout

Joined different gyms or studios in hopes that paying will encourage you to persevere and exercise

Tried different workout programs searching for the one with the miracle plan or that will get you the best results

Crash dieted to lose weight, or tried all the diets out there to reach your weight loss goals


Do you know the number one reason, I've found, women have a hard time sticking with a program? 

They don't have a host of women going through
the same program with them. 

Find Accountability with

Have you ever gotten something done simply/just because others were depending on you for it? Well now, instead of having to fight your way through the fitness world, you can have a whole host of women there supporting and encouraging you. With the help of a certified personal trainer (me!) you will also get answers and clarity to your tough questions.

Private access to the Facebook group 

Email reminders every day with a video of the workout for the day

Accountability is one of the top reasons women stick to their programs and our challenge groups offer that

Always having a host of people willing to encourage and motivate you on your darkest days 

why is accountability so important?

How does it benefit me?

REceive a program accessible at home

Have you ever joined a gym, studio, bought a workout DVD, or subscription but didn't use it enough to justify the cost? There are so many things that compete for our attention on a daily basis that it's hard to stay motivated to go out and exercise, but it's also JUST as hard to figure out how to workout from home and reach your goals. These challenge groups will do just that. They will guide you in strength training and weight loss-oriented workouts all from the comfort of your home! 

Most challenges will use minimal to no equipment

The challenge groups are cost effective. There is no costly gym or studio fee

The program can fit into your everyday life. You are saving time by not having to travel to the gym daily, so you can have more time at home and with your friends and family (or pets!)

You will feel confident in your own home and will not have the temptation of comparison

Wrong! Each challenge group is based entirely out of the home and can help you achieve your fitness goals. 

"I can’t get a good workout at home and really see a difference, right?" 

why is this a good thing? 

Adapt The program to your unique body

These groups are for you, my friend. You will have access to other like-minded women who are in a similar phase of training, and you have access to me, your personal trainer. I will be there throughout the challenge to help you scale down or up, or swap out exercises to meet your unique needs. 

Learn what changes to make to help you reach your goals when you aren't seeing results or are struggling to keep up

The challenge is designed to be able to be adapted to your unique needs by offering options to scale down or up 

You will be invited to join our private Facebook community where you can ask questions about the movements in the workout

I celebrate the little wins for your body and I will celebrate the milestones you reach without judgement and with joy 

how can this adapt to individual needs?

Have you ever 

only to find that the workout or program was more than your body could handle? What you really needed in that moment was someone to help you figure out how to adapt the movements to your specific fitness level.

Looked up workouts on Pinterest

Found a free program online

Bought a program or workout DVDS

enter challenge groups . . .

Who am I and why Should you Listen to me?

Certified Personal Trainer

Level-One Trainer

Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist

Level One Teacher

This journey led me to pursue a career in fitness and gave me a desire and a passion to design a simple, effective, and affordable  way for women to build community and see change. 

When I first started my fitness journey, I found an incredible community that taught me, encouraged me, and helped me stay motivated. During this time, I started researching and learning everything I could about fitness and health, and it led me through several years of trial and error and discovering what worked and didn't. I know from experience with going back and forth in being fit, discovering meaningful motivation, and needing a way to afford fitness that there had to be a better way. 


The Fierce Strength, Relentless Grace Co. can be your new home for fitness and you can be a part of this community. If this sounds like exactly what you need, find out below when our next challenge group is and sign up!

Did you miss out on the most recent challenge? While you wait, check  to see what programs may be available for you now!


I want to check this out!


P.s. The time is now to make a choice. Don't put off the community and change you could experience in our next challenge group!

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