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Children’s Theology Library


A dream of mine has always been to build my children a theology library. I know it may sound a little over a child’s head but I wanted books that would really teach our kids the importance of God and not just the fluffy stuff. Over the course of the Covid-19 Quarantine, I worked on this project!

My husband and I have a similar desire that our children would grow up knowing the foundations of the word and not be afraid of hard biblical topics. We have found several books that we LOVE for our son right now and we know he will love them later and our future children.


Jesus Story Book Bible: This Bible weaves the thread of Jesus throughout the whole Bible. It consistently reminds the reader that even though in the Old Testament things were done a certain way, that it wasn’t the end for everyone, that God always had a plan in mind to send a savior. It is so sweet and can serve as a reminder for adults that God has always, is currently and will always be active within humanity and saving His people.



We are also a HUGE fan of the Baby Believer series. My sister actually gave our son his first book out of this series and we became so enthralled with the colors, arts and story that we had to buy the rest of the series. This series is great for ages 0-4yrs. It not only teaches children animals, opposites, numbers, emotions, and more, but it uses scripture to do so. We love that these books are board books, so they withstand the heavy beating they may get some days.




There is a relatively new series called Big Theology for Little Hearts. In this series Crossway has produces some pretty spectacular theology oriented books that teach little kids the big words of the Bible and why Jesus, God and The Gospel are so important. The pictures are brightly colored so they draw a child’s attention.



The Tales that Tell the Truth series (can be found on Amazon and Lifeway) is a great way to teach kids about various stories in the Bible and how that is immediately applicable into a child’s life. Something interesting about this series is that each book is written by different authors, and we appreciate that because they all have unique perspectives on the different stories! We have almost every book in the series.



I don’t know about you, but my husband and I LOVE the Chronicles of Narnia! When I saw these books from R.C. Sproul I knew we had to get them because they are similar in nature to the Chronicles of Narnia! R.C. has done a really great job of taking deep theological concepts (like the Poison Cup) and turning it into a very imaginative story that allows a child to grasp a deep idea using a concrete story.


We are LOVING what we will get to teach our children growing up. If you have any favorite books or recommend any from your library, I’d love for you to post in the comments! We also love the Tiny Theologians brand and the Daily Grace Company for there children’s books and theology products!

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Children’s Theology Library

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